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A successful and well grounded line- up is the most important aspect in Fantasy Sports. This area identifies some hints & strategies regarding Fantasy Football.


A Practical and Well- Grounded Formation

There are certain guidelines, in which you have to select your formation. You can not choose 11 strikers, of course! But you have got a few choices to consider, for example do you want to play with 3, 4 or 5 defenders. Here it is also important to do research and to collect as much information as possible. Which teams are your players facing? Are the teams known for a solid defence or offensive football? Will there be low- scoring (you draft more defenders) or high scoring matches (more offensive players)? That´s why your ideal formation should differ for each league and each matchday. This is the way to use your tactical skills. Many users often select a lot of offensive players however it is our opinion that your team should strike a fine balance between both with a marquee player in all areas. We recently won a Fantasy Football league of 350 participants using a formation with 5 defenders and 3 midfielders. This example illustrates that defensive line- ups might be successful, too.

Scoring Machines Are Essential for Your Fantasy Football- Team

A very important aspect is the selection of players that are responsible for freekicks, cornerkicks and penalties. Penalty shooters score a lot and freekick/corner shooters have got many assists. They generally achieve many points. Another aspect is the selection of your midfield players. We think they should be offensive because they score and assist more and get less yellow and/or red bookings than defensive midfield players. So you should prefer an average offensive midfielder to any defensive midfield star.


Your Team Has to Harmonize

We think this point is one of the most important ones for Fantasy Football. Have a look for the following example: Team A faces Team B on this matchday. Imagine your fantasy team consists of 3 defenders of Team A and 3 strikers of Team B. What are the consequences? No matter of the result, the points of these 6 players will tend to neutralize. You will only gain a few or no points with these players. Your position in the league will probably be somewhere in the middle and you will not make any cash. The cash prize is paid out to the first positions and you are on the same level than the worst player .To conclude, the players of your Fantasy Football- team have to fit (harmonize). Your strikers must be able to collect points without getting negative points for your defenders and goalkeeper.


The Ideal Captain and the Representative

The points of your captain will be doubled. This is genereally the rule throughout all Fantasy Football competitions. It is a decisive factor for winning or losing. Your captain should constantly perform well, be completely fit and, it best, score a lot or be responsible for the penalties. On the other side, your captain should rarely receive yellow or red cards and his team should be favourite on the matchday. To sum it up, the captain should receive the most points of our team. It might make sense to save budget in the other parts of the team to select a very good player as your captain.


For example: player Z has got a very high market value on the matchday because his team is playing against the bottom team of the league and he is an ‘in-form’- striker. There are two options: player Z is overpriced and no option for your fantasy team. On the other hand, the price is justified. In case of the second option, you should draft the player and select him as your captain. The savings for the rest of the team are definitely worth it.


In case of a sudden absence of your player, you select a representative for your captain. This player is supposed to have the second highest score potential for the matchday. Sometimes your captain should differentiate from the mainstream. If you select a captain that differs from many other players, an excellent performance of your chosen one could be a key success factor to win the league. In this case, you should have a look for the price distribution of the price pool. In case of a ‘winner takes it all’- league, the choice for an extraordinary captain makes sense. In case of a league that consists of only a few players, this trial is not as favourable.

Substitutes for Your Fantasy team

Besides your starting line- up, you do need a substitute for almost every league. The substitute replaces a player of the starting team that is absent for the whole match. It is important to understand that the sub player is linked to the position and might change the formation in some situations.

Example: You are playing with a 4-3-3- system. Your substitute is a midfielder. In case of an absence of one of your defenders, your sub player is replacing him and the new formation is a 3-4-3. It might be annoying that you are playing without a striker after a substitution. Another disadvantage is the loss of harmony of your team after a substitution.


You should always take into account that your sub player is playing, too. You still need a good and harmonizing team that generates many points. You can find out the settings of substitution players in the league overview.


Furthermore, we saw many cases, in which players chose a cheap and weak sub for their fantasy team. As long as you know that all players of your first line- up are definitely playing, this definitely makes sense. In case of doubt, you should invest a bit more. In our opinion, there are often cases that the substitution occurs. So, the following question arises: Am I sure that all players of my first line- up are playing and my sub player is irrelevant? The point of final draft of your fantasy team is the best indicator to answer this:


Case 1: We check the match previews 20 minutes before the kickoff. We are relatively sure that all players are starting. We can save budget for the substitution player.

Case 2: We check the match previews 8 hours before the kickoff. Here there is a possibility that our substitute replaces someone. We have to invest a bit more for our sub player.

Case 3: Today it is the start of the matchday and the deadline date for our team and the most matches start two days later. There is a quite high possibility that a player of your first team misses the match the day after tomorrow. In this case, our substitution player should have almost the same quality than our players of the starting line- up. Draft the ideal substitution player with the ideal position for your formation. and the chosen league.

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