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What Are The Essential Rules For Fantasybet Football?

Entry to each game closes five minutes before the start of the first match in a given contest. However, in Flash games, the manager gets an additional three minutes to finalise and submit their team after entering the contest.
The value of your squad cannot be greater than your budget, which is set at £100 million by default. If you create your own contest, you can change the budget in the advanced settings.
Your squad must consist of 15 players, which is broken down into three attackers, five midfielders, five defenders and two goalkeepers. You can choose these players yourself or use the auto-complete function to let the computer select players for you. You can make changes to the squad after using auto-complete.
You must also select a starting 11 from your 15-player squad. This must consist of one goalkeeper, between three and five defenders, three to five midfielders, and one to three attackers.

How Exactly Do You Score Points At Fantasybet Football?

Players receive points in each match, and they accumulate across an entire contest.

What Type Of Contests Can Be Played At Fantasybet?

Contests vary from one-off games to a standard full season. Options include Daily Fantasy, Weekly Fantasy and Season Fantasy. Flash mode increases the pressure, giving you only three minutes to choose your team.

Can I Create My Own Fantasybet Football Contests?

Create your own contests via the Create Game menu. Doing this also gives you access to the advanced settings page, where you can set certain restrictions to your liking, including maximum budgets, and remove certain players or whole teams from being available in the game.

Further Fantasybet Football Information

A team captain must be selected. For every game that the captain plays in, he will receive double points. A vice-captain also has to be chosen, who will stand in for your chosen captain should he not play for any reason.

Those players not selected in your starting 11, including your second goalie, sit on the substitute bench. After the game week or contest has ended, these players will become subject to automatic substitution, which will be used if anyone in your starting-11 squad does not play throughout the game week or contest.








Signing Up A DraftKings UK Account

To sign up an account with DraftKings, UK users must be over the age of 18 years old and reside in the United Kingdom. The sign up process itself is very simple and UK users can register by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right hand corner of the website or on mobile or tablet by downloading the available app for Android or iOS devices.

Depositing Using The DraftKings UK Cashier

DraftKings have players from different countries around the world joining in to play in their contests. As such all contests on the DraftKings site use US Dollars as the base currency.

When depositing, UK Draftkings players will have their £ deposits converted into $. All players must agree to the conversion rate DraftKings UK display before the deposit is completed.

DraftKings UK currently supports deposits and withdrawals via Debit/Credit Cards and Paypal however will be adding more payment methods shortly.

Withdrawing Using The DraftKings UK Cashier

When withdrawing funds from Draft kings UK you will again be required to agree to a conversion rate prior to completing the withdrawal. The full withdrawal policy from Draftkings is clearly displayed in the ‘Withdrawal’ section of the ‘My Account’ Portal.

Entering A DraftKings UK Contest

Step 1: Find the contest that you want to enter.
In the example below we will be entering into a $27 Draftkings Football Contest. In the image below you will see from the circled section at the top of the page we have selected ‘FOT’ to display Draft kings Football Contests in the main area of the lobby. We can then choose a contest that best suits our bankroll. In this example we are going to enter the ‘EPL $10K Golden Boot ($10,000 Guaranteed)’ contest that has a $27 entry fee.

Step 2: Select your DraftKings Lineup

After clicking through to your chosen contest you then have to pick your lineup. In the Draft kings Football example we have a $50,000 budget to pick 11 players that must include a Goalkeeper, 3 Defenders, 3 Midfielders, 2 Forwards and 2 Utility players. You can check out full details of the Draft Kings UK Football rules here.

Draftkings provides useful filters to allow you search for players by Name or by Position. You can also sort players by Name, Match, FPPG (Fantasy Point Per Game which is a useful way to assess player potential) or by their Draftkings salary.

You can then add players to your Draftkings lineup by clicking on the ‘+’ sign next to their name (circled in the image below). Players selected for your team will then move into the ‘Lineup’ box on the right hand side of the image shown. To remove a player from your Draft kings lineup you can simply click on the ‘X’ button to the right hand side of that players name as circled.

Step 3: Changing your DraftKings Lineup

When playing Daily Fantasy Sports, there will be times when you want to change the initial lineup you entered into a Draftkings contest. This could be due to player injury, or just a change of view on who you want in your team.

The easiest way to edit your team is via the ‘My Contests’ or ‘My Lineups’ menus that sit at the top of the Lobby homepage.









To sign up an account with Yahoo! UK users must be over the age of 18 years old and reside in the United Kingdom. Simply click Sign in and input your details.



To add funds you must first verify your account which you will be led through, from here it is just a case of choosing the amount and inputting your credit card details.


Next you will need to pick out the tournament you wish to play there are many to choose from with beginner and expert games and different entry fees.



Finally its down to choosing your money makers!  Click HERE for some top tips and also be sure to check out are fantasy news page HERE for updated stats and tactics!


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