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50/50:  A 50/50 is a type of contest where the top 50% of the field come away with winnings, and the bottom 50% lose their entry fee. 50/50 contests are a great way to play for real money and improve your game whilst regularly winning prizes as you only need to finish in the top 50% of entrants to win money. In a 50/50 game you don’t truly double your buy-in as the host of the contest will take a fee so the amount of cash won by each player is slightly lower than double the entry fee.

Bankroll:  Your bankroll is the amount of money you have available to invest and play at Daily Fantasy Sports site. Managing your bankroll will be a key part of making the most of your Daily Fantasy Sports experience and you can read more about Bankroll Management in our Fantasy Fives article here.

Beginner:  Draftkings offer ‘Beginner’ contests strictly for entrants who have only taken part in a minimal number of contests (typically 50). This allows newcomers to daily fantasy to play against opponents with similar experience and not immediately go up against more experienced players.

Booster:  A ‘Booster’ is another name for a ‘multiplier’. A booster allows you to earn up to 10 times your entry fee provided you finish near the top 10 to 20 percent of the league (depending on the type of booster).

Buy-in:  A buy-in is the amount of money required to enter a particular 1-Day Fantasy Sports contest. A buy-in is also referred to as ‘entry fee’.

Cash Games:  Cash games are a good way to play 1-Day Fantasy Sports for real money with less risk than GPP as usually you have roughly a 50 percent chance at winning. Head to heads, 50/50s, and double up league types are all considered cash games.

Contrarian Approach:  A Contrarian approach is a phrase used for going against popular consensus when selecting your Daily Fantasy Sports line-up. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise amongst a lot of Daily Fantasy Sports players, sometimes taking an opposite view and selecting some less obvious players can be a highly profitable strategy, especially in big GPP (Guaranteed Prizepool) Tournaments where your score needs to beat a large number of other entries.

Create a Contest:  You can use Draftkings to challenge your friends by creating your own contest. Simply pick the sport you want, the games to include in scoring, and whom you wish to challenge. You also can create public games in which anyone can enter. Here again you choose the type of game and buy-in fee, or just play for fun. Read more about ‘Create a contest’ in our special section.

Deposits:  To play real money contests on 1-Day Fantasy Sports site, you need to deposit money, typically done via a debit or credit card, or PayPal account.

Deposit Bonus:  The percentage of money you deposit to a daily fantasy site that the site matches. For example, a 100% deposit bonus means if you deposit $1,000, you’ll get $2,000 total. Most deposit bonuses typically unlock over time as you play more games, so in the example of Draftkings, a 100% deposit bonus of $1000 will be released over time as you accrue Draftkings FPPs (Frequent Player Points).

DFS:  DFS is an abbreviation for Daily Fantasy Sports and is used frequently on all sites that host games. DFS is a game where entrants draft a team for one day (or weekend) of games only using a salary cap format and compete for fun or for real cash prizes.

Double-Up:  A Double-Up is a type of 1-Day Fantasy Sports contest that is similar to a 50/50 game, in that all winners receive the same payout. In a double-Up game, you actually double your buy-in when finishing in the prize pool. To finish in the money, you need to place slightly higher than half of the participants.

DraftKings (DK):  Draftkings is a 1-Day Fantasy Sports site offering Basketball, Cricket, Football and Golf contests to UK players. With a user-friendly app, easy-to-navigate website, and thousands of games available every day, DraftKings is a premier place to play daily fantasy sports.

Entrant:  Any person who enters a 1-Day Fantasy Sports contest.

Entry Fee:  The amount of money required to enter a specific contest. The entry fee is also often referred to as a “buy-in”.

FanDuel (FD):  The biggest Daily Fantasy Sports site in the world. Not yet launched in the UK.

Field Size:  The number of participants in a daily fantasy contest. Some games only involve two players while others include thousands of opponents.

FPPG:  FPPG is an abbreviation for the average number of “fantasy points per game” scored by each player. When you select a line-up, you can view and rank players by their FPPG scores. Doing so will help you to identify those who may be perceived value or consistent performers.

FPPs:  FPPs stands for Frequent Player Points at DraftKings. DraftKings awards you with FPPs each time you enter a cash contest. The number of points you earn depends on the entry fee of each contest (the higher the fee, the more points you’re awarded). The deposit bonus you can receive after making your first deposit is released incrementally as you accrue FPPs ($1 is released for each 100 FPPs earned).

Freeroll:  A contest that costs nothing to enter but has cash or ticket prizes. Sites often hold freerolls to reward loyal customers to their site, or to attract new customers.

Game Theory:  Decision making concepts where the outcomes of others have an influence. If all other entrants in a Champions League Football contest are going to pick Cristiano Ronaldo, and you are looking for an edge, you can make a decision to be different or the same. Do you take the best possible player every time, or try and look to be different?

Game Types:  These are the array of different contests offered by daily fantasy sports sites. They include H2Hs, 50/50s, qualifiers, multipliers, and guaranteed prize pool (GPP) contests. (See our game types sections for more details.)

GPP:  GPP is an abbreviation of the term ‘Guaranteed prize pool tournament’. Also known as a guaranteed tournament. In this type of tournament, the contest is guaranteed to run regardless of the number of entrants in the game with the prizepool stated on the host site. Typically a small number of entrants win prizes and as such the winner’s prizes can be substantially higher than their entry fee. A good example of a large GPP tournament is Draftkings Golf Millionaire Maker that had an entry fee of $20 but a ‘Guaranteed Prizepool’ of $4million, with $1million prize for the first place finisher.

Head-to-Head:  Sometimes known as a ‘Heads Up’ contest, a Head-to-Head contest is where you compete against another daily fantasy player for a prize (typically just under double your entry fee minus the site’s rake).

Leagues:  A ‘League’ is a generic term covering a lot of contest styles and pay-out options, a league has more than two people in it. Users have the ability to create their own leagues on some sites, which can be public or private.

Line-up:  Also known as a roster, this is your team that is composed of the players selected before to the entry deadline of a contest.

Live:  Contests go live once the first game of the day begins and you can see your live score as the game(s) unfold, along with your place in the contest in which you are competing.

Lobby:  The ‘Lobby’ is the place on a daily fantasy sports site where you see every active contest available in which to play. The lobby can be filtered by sport, entry size, entry fee, prizes paid, etc., making it easier to find the specific type of game you want.

Millionaire Maker:  During the Golf Majors, DraftKings offers a GPP contest in which the top player of the contest earns $1 million … all for just a $27 buy-in. There are tens of thousands of entrants, so the odds of winning the top prize are slim, but DraftKings offers many prizes for players further down, as the total prizepool guaranteed is usually in excess of $3.5 million.

Multi-Entry:  A multi-entry is a contest where players are permitted to enter more than one line-up in the same competition. Large GPP tournaments and qualifiers typically allow multiple entries. The opposite of multi-entry contests are single-entry contests where a player is only permitted one line-up per contest.

Multiplier:  A ‘Multiplier’ is a type of contest that pays out a certain multiplier of your buy-in (For instance, a $2 buy-in 5X contest will pay $10 to prize winners).

Odds:  Odds are used in betting markets and are the chances or likelihood of something happening or being the case. Odds are useful to determine potential game outcomes and make line-up decisions based off those outcomes. An example may be assessing the Over/Under 2.5 goals market in a football match to identify if goals are expected in that game and then selecting or avoiding players in that match accordingly. Odds can also be used to identify value picks. A good way of checking Golfers who are undervalued in Draftkings PGA contests is to compare relative salaries to their position in the betting market.

One-Day Fantasy Contests:  These are contests take place in a single day such as the Saturday EPL (English Premier League Contests) You select a line-up based on the teams playing just that day, and compete. You select a new line-up the next day if you want to play again.

Overlay:  An overlay can occur when a GPP tournament does not get enough entrants to cover the prizepool that has been guaranteed not completely filling. The prizes will still be allocated out as if the contest filled, but entrants have to beat less players. An overlay can be calculated by multiplying entry fees * entrants, and then subtracting this amount from the prizes guaranteed. For example, a contest with a $1000 guaranteed prizepool that had a $10 entry fee and 50 players ($500 in player entries) would have a $500 overlay.

Qualifier:  Also referred to as ‘Satellites’, a ‘Qualifier’ is a contest in which the grand prize or prizes is free entry into another contests, usually one with a larger prize pool. Many qualifiers only award tickets to other contests and no cash prizes.

Rake:  The ‘Rake’ is the amount of commission the site takes off each entry fee for co-ordinating and hosting each contest. The rake can vary depending on the site you choose to play at but is often 9-10 % at leading sites, but can be less in higher-stakes games.

Roster:  A roster is simply an alternative name for your ‘line-up’. This is the list of the players that you select to score points on your 1-Day Fantasy Sports team. Check the details of the contest you enter and select the players you want to comprise your ‘roster’ before the contest starts.

Salary:  The amount of your salary cap that each individual player will cost to add to your line-up.

Salary Cap:  The total amount of salary that you have to spend in order to create your selected Daily Fantasy Sports line-up. Every team manager must stick to the same salary cap. The cap varies by site and sometimes by sport.

Scoring:  It is vital to check different 1-Day Fantasy Sports site’s scoring system before playing. Each site scores different sports in different ways. Understanding the site’s scoring rules allows you to focus on the best players for that contest.

Single-Entry:  A contest where only one entry is allowed.

Stacking:  ‘Stacking’ (or a ‘Stack’) is a common strategy used in Daily Fantasy team sports where multiple players from the same team or in the same game are selected in your line-up. This could be due to an expectancy of high performance. An example may be picking four Arsenal players in a home game where an easy win is expected and goals forecasted.

Ticket:  A ticket is awarded to players when winning a satellite or qualifier contest. Tickets are then used to enter a higher-stakes tournament.

Tournament:  A tournament in 1-Day Fantasy Sports is a higher-risk, higher-reward contest where a small number of entrants (typically 10-20 percent) share the prize money, with a higher allocation of prize money going to the top finishers. Tournaments are also referred to as “GPPs”.

Triple-Up:  A triple-up is a contest where the prize winners triple their entry fee.

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