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2017-11-16 12:01:13
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Yesterday the BBC released it’s annual Price of Football study and it certainly made for some interesting reading. This study is the biggest of it’s type in Europe and overall it found that the majority of ticket prices have been frozen for a third year. Good news right? Well let us look into it and see just how affordable this is.


The cost of Arsenal’s season tickets has been well documented over the past few seasons since the move to the Emirates was made and again the season tickets are by far the highest again with the cheapest season ticket at £891 and the dearest £1768.50. Interestingly the cheapest ticket is more expensive than the dearest Liverpool season ticket which is £869. Man Utd’s dearest season ticket is almost half the price at £950. The cheapest (dearest) season ticket in the Premier League is at Huddersfield for £299.


It does seem however that their fiercest rivals are attempting to trump them as Tottenham’s dearest tickets have grown to £1700 however their cheapest is still £246 less at £645.


Generally the season ticket prices correlate with the single ticket prices with Arsenal the dearest at £95 and West Brom at £25


you can find the full results of the study at

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